Cast and Crew

Today is a little behind the scenes of Levelheaded Life!  I’m Sarah.  That’s me over there in the sidebar if you didn’t figure it out yet.  I am Texas born and raised, moved away for a bit and now I’m back!  I was very active in sports growing up and have always been interested in health and wellness.  I earned a degree from Florida State in exercise science with an emphasis in nutrition.  In my real life, I work in sales for a company in the Healthcare/Insurance industry.

I started this blog because after having many conversations with some of my friends, I realized that messages out in the world about food and being healthy and exercise are really mixed up and sometimes just flat out wrong.  I wanted to be able to create a resource for people who are confused about what to put in their bodies can come to try to get some clarification.  If you’ve been struggling to lose weight for years and can’t figure out why?  Or maybe you feel tired all the time even though you’re sleeping 8 hours every night?  I’m here to help wade through that stuff.  Stay tuned for lots more informational posts about health and wellness and also guests posts from experts in different fields.

Now on to the fun stuff!

Supporting Cast:



This is the main man in my life.  (The human, not the dog.)  We met while I was living in Florida after college and it was pretty much love at first sight.  I knew we were going to be together forever after two weeks.  We dated for about 2 1/2 years and got hitched after that!  We had a REALLY fun wedding, maybe I’ll tell you about that sometime.  He works in the beer business and when a job opened up in our home state, we jumped at the chance to go back!  He’s my biggest fan, the most loyal person on the entire planet and the true love of my life.  I don’t know what I would do without him.

Sierra, Jack and Kevin Bacon

Three Bad Dogs

These three little monsters are our dogs.  Sierra is the brown one.  She’s the boss of the group.  Jack is the big white one, he’s a big sissy baby and Kevin Bacon is the little guy.  He only has three legs.  We’re those people whose dogs are kind of like their kids.  All of the dogs are rescues. Jack and Sierra were found dumped behind a neighborhood grocery store.  We think it’s because they were too big to be cute to sell out of the back of a truck.

Kevin Bacon came from MCAS as a foster when we were heartbroken after we had to put our oldest dog to sleep.  When we got him, his left front leg was totally broken and they needed someone to foster him so that he could have X-Rays and surgery.  After we went through all of the medical stuff and healing time with him, he fit in too well with our family to adopt him out so we kept him.  He’s named Kevin because I always thought Kevin was a good dog name and when we got him he had a dangling foot (the broken one).  Footloose, get it?

We don’t have any actual human kids yet but probably will sometime in the future.  All in all, our life is pretty great most of the time and we have a strong support system in place for the times when it isn’t.  That’s us in a nutshell!  Thanks for stopping in to take a sneak peek!

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